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The technology industry is full of innovators and thought leaders; however its common to find that long-established companies have steered away from their innovative roots and are falling into traditional molds. Corporations are constantly struggling with the need to outperform at the expense of innovation. CTO Boost stimulates North Americas greatest companies and industry leaders helping them outshine the rest with data-driven innovation that makes sense.We work specifically with Finance Top Banks in Canada and the US Retail Food and Fashion Telecommunications Insurance providers.OUR SERVICES:Fractional CTO Services: We are proud to offer the first Fractional CTO service in Canada. We will provide you with a CTO with the right skills and experience to empower your company's growth.Data Boost: With our team of Data Scientists and Data Architects we will help you find curate and manage the data that you have to make decisions that make sense. Consolidation Monetization Real-Time AnalyticsInnovation Lab: In partnership with your leadership team we will run your company's Innovation Lab - driving innovation that makes real business impact. Data Blockchain Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning - you name it let's create something together!